Teen Rescues Child and Grandmother From Lake

According to Hialeah Gardens Police, Carlos Murias came to the aid of a grandmother and her grandson after they both fell into a lake, in the back of a condominium, located at 10000 NW 80 Court, just before noon, Tuesday.

According to police, the 70-year-old grandmother had attempted to go after her grandchild after he fell into the lake. However, she wound up tangled in the weeds. "The lakes, they have a lot of debris around the sides of them," said Hialeah Gardens Police Lt. Carlos Fojo. "Whenever jump into one of these lakes you will get tangled up and definitely drown."

Murias found the grandmother face down in the water, and he sprang into action. "I pulled them out of the water," he said. "I took the kid out first, and then I pulled her out."

When he pulled the victims from the lake, the boy was breathing on his own, but the grandmother was not. "She was just laying there," Murias said.

"She was purple," added a friend of Murias, who was also on the scene. "Like black purple."

Murias then performed mouth-to-mouth until Miami-Dade Fire Rescue arrived. Fojo said the woman was touch and go during transport to Palmetto General Hospital, located only a few minutes away from the scene. "She had pulse momentarily, a couple of times," he said. "She would loose it and come back, and we continued the CPR on her."

As the little boy was breathing on his own, rescuers did not transport him to the hospital.

The grandmother is now listed in serious condition.

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