Tax filing tips, tools that help build up the trust among Latino customers

More than half of all individual tax returns are done by a professional mainly, according to IRS estimates, simply because people feel filing taxes it's just too complicated.

Enter Turbotax, one of the leading online do-it-yourself tax software.

In the hopes of easing what they consider a generalized misconceptions, this year Turbotax has launched a new application called Smartlook — a feature that offers a live expert, on-screen to get answers when you need them.

Lisa Greene-Lewis, Turbotax Tax Expert and CPA, said Hispanic customers are specially skeptical about using an online tool to file their taxes themselves.

“[The Hispanic community] they want to have trust in someone, that is the barrier as far as trust. The ability to actually ask someone a question,” she said. “You don’t need to spend money to get your taxes done. You don’t need to take them to somebody. You can do it yourself … There are 60 million Americans that have a simple tax return. So just a 1040A or 1040 EZ and they are taking their taxes to somebody and spending hundreds of dollars.”

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Watch the video above for some general tax tips provided by the Turbotax expert and learn how to maximize your refund.

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