Tanzanian man arrested after keeping girlfriend in concrete pit for 8 months

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Distressing footage has emerged of a young woman who was allegedly kept prisoner in a concrete pit for eight months.

Tanzanian police made the discovery at a remote village in the country last week following a tip-off from suspicious neighbours about someone being held captive.

According to reports, a Tanzanian man had locked up his girlfriend in a concrete pit on advice from a local witch doctor.

The witch doctor allegedly told the man that if he wanted to become rich he had to bury the person he loved the most, Buzz Kenya reported.

He reportedly built the concrete cave then used a plank to cover the ceiling.

The woman, who is believed to be in her 20s, was shackled to the wall inside the underground prison naked and was only fed twice a week. Miraculousy, she survived but not unscathed.

Her back muscles have fused together, and she will need months of rehabilitation, Buzz Kenya reported.

Footage of her rescue was captured and shared on social media.

In the clip, local authorities and neighbours crowd around the entry to the prison as they talk to her about her ordeal.

It also shows the malnourished woman’s reaction to seeing sun light.

The boyfriend has since been arrested.

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