Swiss toilets clogged up with nearly $120,000 in cash

The opposite of being flush with cash, Swiss prosecutors have now added “wads of money” to the list of things that can clog toilets.

Swiss prosecutors are investigating why two people tried to shove about $120,000 in 500-Euro notes down toilets around Geneva.

“There must be something behind this story,” Henri Della Casa, a spokesman for the Geneva Prosecutor’s Office, told Bloomberg. “That’s why we started an investigation.”

The bills were found in toilets at three Geneva restaurants and an office of the financial company UBS in May, AFP reported.

The Tribune de Geneve reported two Spanish women were behind the backed-up toilets.

At the UBS building, the clogged toilet was near a bank vault containing hundreds of safe deposit boxes, the city prosecutor’s office said. The bills appeared to have been cut with scissors, Bloomberg reported.

Flushing cash in Switzerland – where the franc is the official currency -- is not a crime, but investigators are looking at whether the cash was linked to any illegal activities.

Geneva prosecution spokesman Vincent Derouand told AFP a lawyer representing the people who flushed the notes compensated the restaurants for the plumbing costs.