Swedish police say fifth person was also hit, not stabbed, in deadly school attack

Swedish police say a 21-year-old man with racist motives who last week rampaged through a school in southern Sweden, stabbing four people, of whom two died, also hit a fifth person with the back of his sword.

Investigator Thord Haraldsson says the student, whom he didn't identify, got a bruise on the arm when pushed aside by Anton Lundin Pettersson, the masked, sword-wielding attacker who was fatally shot by police.

Haraldsson said Friday the student was hit when Lundin Pettersson deadly stabbed a 20-year-old teacher's assistant who tried to shield others. A 15-year-old student later was fatally stabbed.

The Oct. 22 attack was labeled as a racist hate crime with police saying Lundin Pettersson methodically selected dark-skinned victims at Trollhattan's Kronan school, where most students are foreign-born.