Suspected jihadists attack village in central Mali, kill official in front of his family

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A mayor says a group of suspected jihadists attacked a village in central Mali, killing a local official in front of his family.

Harouna Bellem, the mayor of Dioungani municipality, says the attackers are suspected members of the radical Macina Liberation Movement, which has been blamed for other attacks this year that have targeted military and civilian authorities in south and central Mali. Dioungani lies close to the Burkina Faso border.

Bellem says the extremists came into Douna-Pene village Friday afternoon and shot Timote Kodio in front of his wife. She suffered a heart attack and was rushed to a health center.

Attacks by extremists are moving south. The group is said to have ties to the Islamic extremists who took over Mali's northern half after a 2012 military coup.