A list of major suicide bombings and large-scale explosions during Syria's 14-month uprising:

— Dec. 23, 2011 — Two car bombers blow themselves up near intelligence agency compounds in the capital Damascus, killing 44 people in the first suicide attacks since the uprising began in March.

— Jan. 6, 2012 — Two weeks later, another suicide explosion rips through a busy intersection and a police bus in the capital's Midan neighborhood, killing 26 people.

— Feb. 10, 2012 — Two suicide car bombers strike in the northern city of Aleppo, Syria's largest, killing 28 people near a military intelligence building and the barracks of security forces.

— March 3, 2012 — A suicide car bomb explodes at a roundabout in Daraa, the birthplace of the uprising, killing at least two people in the first suicide attack in an opposition stronghold.

— March 17, 2012 — Three suicide bombings in Damascus kill at least 27 people, two of them near-simultaneous suicide car bomb attacks on heavily guarded intelligence and security buildings.

— March 18, 2012 — An explosion hits near a government security building in Aleppo, killing one policeman and one woman.

— April 27, 2012 — A suicide bomber in Damascus detonates an explosives belt near members of the security forces, killing at least nine people outside a mosque in the Midan neighborhood.

— April 30, 2012 — Twin suicide explosions near daybreak strike close to a government security compound in the city of Idlib, killing at least nine people.

— May 5, 2012 — A bomb strikes a car wash in Aleppo, killing at least five people a day after government troops opened fire to break up large protests against a violent university raid.

— May 10, 2012 — Two suicide blasts rip through Damascus' Qazaz neighborhood, killing 55 people in an attack that targeted a military intelligence building as employees were arriving at work.