Libyan officials say a student has set off an explosive device at his school in an eastern city, wounding six of his classmates.

Fadia al-Barghathi, spokesperson for Benghazi's main Galaa hospital, said the student threw the device at a wall Wednesday. She said five of the wounded, aged 13 to 17, were hospitalized.

Weapons are widespread in Libya in the wake of its 2011 civil war. Benghazi in particular has experienced a security vacuum, with assassinations, kidnappings and clashes commonplace.

Elsewhere in Benghazi, the body of a special forces commando was found in a graveyard, tortured and shot in the head, doctors said.

In an unrelated incident, al-Bargathi said, special forces and civilians defended the Galaa hospital against gunmen Tuesday who were trying to abduct commandos being treated inside.