Spanish official says 200 African migrants scale enclave border fences for 2nd time in a week

A Spanish official says more than 200 migrants have stormed a six-meter (20-foot)-high barbed wire border fence to enter Spain's northwest African enclave of Melilla from Morocco — the second such crossing in a week.

Carlos Montero, who runs a temporary accommodation center for migrants, told Spanish National Radio that the incident occurred Friday. He says the center, which was intended to house 500, now has 1,300 migrants, mostly from sub-Saharan Africa.

Melilla is surrounded by Morocco and the Mediterranean Sea. Migrants trying to get to Europe camp on the Moroccan side, waiting for the chance to scale the fence. Thousands try each year to enter the city and Spain's other coastal enclave, Ceuta.

On Feb. 6, at least 15 migrants drowned while trying to enter Ceuta by sea.