Spain: Acting PM starts talks on forming new government

Acting Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is beginning talks with party leaders, seeking to round up enough support to form a government following Spain's second inconclusive election.

Rajoy meets Tuesday with leaders of the Canarian Coalition, which holds one seat but could prove key in any new government formation.

Rajoy's conservative Popular Party won 137 seats in the June 26 repeat election but fell short of capturing the majority in the 350-seat Parliament that put it in power in 2011.

He is pushing for a coalition with second-place, center-left Socialists, which won 85 seats, and possibly also fourth-place, business-friendly Ciudadanos, which has 32, although both have said they won't back him.

Rajoy heads a caretaker government since the December election, in which his party also won the most seats.