South Africa rhino orphanage closes after poacher attack

A South African rhino orphanage that closed after being attacked by poachers will be turned into a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Christiaan DuBuson, the anti-poaching head at Thula Thula wildlife reserve in KwaZulu-Natal province, said Wednesday that the old rhino facility will be used to care for antelope, birds and other wildlife in need. DuBuson says the rehabilitation center will open late this month.

On May 1, the rhino orphanage at Thula Thula said it was closing because of security concerns. Staff were assaulted in the February attack, and two rhino calves died after being shot and having their horns removed. Staff moved the remaining animals to other locations.

Police are investigating.

The rhino orphanage was administered by the Lawrence Anthony Earth Organization, an international nonprofit group.