Some key promises of presidential candidate Marine Le Pen

Some key promises among 144 released Saturday by leading far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen:

French Sovereignty:

— Negotiate with European Union the "four sovereignties" — return of French franc, legislative, economic, territorial, or control of its borders

— Leave border-free Schengen zone

On immigration:

— Reduce immigration to 10,000 annually

— End automatic acquisition of French nationality by marriage

— End dual nationality for non-Europeans

— Restrict French nationality to those with French parent or naturalized, ending automatic birthright rule

— Restrict asylum to demands made in embassies or neighboring countries of asylum-seeker

On terrorism:

— Ban and dissolve all organizations including mosques linked to Islamic fundamentalists — already in practice but Le Pen says insufficiently applied

— Expel from France all dual nationals linked to jihadi networks and foreigners under suspicion.

— Create single anti-terrorism agency

On defense and internal security:

— Leave NATO integrated command

— Ensure France can defend itself alone

— "Massively rearm" security forces with 15,000 more police

— Automatic expulsion of foreign criminals and delinquents

— Life sentences for "most grave crimes" — retracting earlier calls to restore death penalty

On French identity:

— Inscribe in constitution concept of "national priority," meaning French before foreigners in all domains

— Remove European Union flag from public buildings

— Extend secularism to all public spaces, a clear reference to banning Muslim headscarves

On French institutions:

— Create popular referendums on issues proposed by at least 500,000 voters

— Institute proportional representation in parliament, which would favor her party, the National Front