Some 7,000 motorcyclists gather in Madrid to call for safer guardrails on Spain's roads

Some 7,000 motorcyclists have gathered in Madrid to press authorities to remove or modify metal guardrails on Spain's roads that they describe as being dangerous for bikers.

Participants rode in from all over Spain Sunday to protest at the meeting-point next to Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

Juan Esteban, president of the "At Ground Level" bikers' club, said members were fed up with seeing how fellow riders suffered lethal injuries or amputations on a regular basis "because of these blasted guardrails."

Alicia Sornosa, who said she had ridden her motorcycle around the world, called on authorities to at least redesign the rails to make them less of a threat.

The protest ended with a minute's silence to honor fallen bikers who had died over the past year.