Soldier allegedly sabotaged wife's parachute to be with Tinder lover

A British army sergeant tried to murder his wife by tampering with her parachute and fiddling with a gas valve to their home — so he could be free of her for good and be with his Tinder lover, prosecutors charged.

Emile Cilliers, of the Royal Army Physical Training Corps, unsuccessfully attempted to kill his former Army officer wife, Victoria, twice in 2015, the Telegraph reported.

Victoria suffered serious injuries — including broken ribs and a broken collarbone and leg and spinal injuries — after her main and reserve chutes failed during a solo jump in Wiltshire, England.

Her 37-year-old South African husband was quickly arrested and is currently on trial in Winchester Crown Court for attempted murder.

Prosecutor Michael Bowes said Emile, who was close to $30,000 in debt, was set to receive a more than $159,000 insurance payout upon Victoria’s death. The military man was angling to leave Victoria for his girlfriend, Stefanie Goller, whom he met on the dating app.