Six Somalis go on trial in Paris for yacht attack

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Six Somalis have gone on trial in a Paris court for their alleged roles in a 2008 attack on the luxury yacht "Le Ponant" that ended with the release of 30 hostages and payment of a $2.5 million ransom.

Only one suspect has admitted to a role in the attack in the Gulf of Aden, and three deny ever being aboard the craft. One of the defendants identified himself to the court Tuesday as a taxi driver, another as a builder. Others claimed to be fishermen.

Helicopter-borne French troops captured the six — half of those allegedly involved in the attack — on Somali territory with some, but not all the ransom.

Five Somalis were convicted of piracy in late 2011 for attacking a French sailboat and given 4 to 8 years in prison. Another was acquitted.