Six Mexican Cops Detained In Death Of U.S. Man In Playa Del Carmen

Mexican authorities have detained six police officers in the death of a Brooklyn, N.Y., man who died on New Year's Day after being arrested for disorderly conduct in the resort city of Playa del Carmen.

Yeudi Estrada Carrero died inside a patrol truck while three police officers restrained him, according to Quintana Roo state Assistant Attorney General Carlos Alvarez.

Univision reports that Estrada, a fitness instructor and MMA amateur fighter, had recently moved to Mexico to reunite with his father. He lived and worked in Cancún.

Alvarez said the 28-year-old died of asphyxiation after at least one of the officers pressed his foot against Estrada's neck. He said too that an autopsy found Estrada had consumed cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine.

According to the Mexican news website, the body of Estrada was found handcuffed on the back of a pick-up patrol. He had injuries in hands and feet, and signs of beatings on his left eyebrow.

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The officers arrested the man outside his home, after receiving a call from his neighbors complaining about the noise.

In their statement, the officers said they subdued the fitness instructor because "his behavior became aggressive and he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol."

According to U.S. State Department figures, at least 648 American citizens were murdered in Mexico between October 2002 and December 2012. This represents more than 40 percent of the almost 1,600 American victims worldwide over the same period.

The database shows the date, location and type of death, but does not give information as to who the person was, or whether or not the victims are American gangsters working hand in hand with Mexican cartels.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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