Series of arson fires US federal offices in Virgin Islands

Fires were deliberately set at three buildings associated with the U.S. federal government in the Virgin Islands early Tuesday, including one that destroyed a Navy recruiting office, authorities said. A suspect was in custody and was expected to be charged.

Firefighters in St. Thomas were putting out the fires at the Ron de Lugo Federal Building and a Coast Guard facility at about 1:45 a.m. when the third fire was reported at the recruiting office in a nearby strip mall, according to police and the FBI.

There were no reported injuries and the fires did only minor damage at the Coast Guard facility and the federal building, which houses the federal court. The recruiting center was heavily damaged, said FBI Special Agent Carlos Osorio, a spokesman for the agency.

"That office is destroyed, pretty much," he said.

A man was taken into custody after security camera footage showed him setting the fires with what appeared to be gas, Osorio said. No details about the man were released and no possible motive was released.