Senegal activist calls for release of 7 men sentenced to prison for homosexual acts

A Senegalese activist has called for the release of seven men arrested in July and sentenced to six months in prison for homosexual acts.

Djamil Bangoura, president of gay rights group Prudence, said Friday that Senegal must stop condemning people who are different. He said he wants the laws changed but also alleges that people are being convicted with insufficient evidence.

Bangoura said police arrested the seven at one of the men's homes after his mother reported them. He said they were arrested without a warrant. Bangoura said neither the mother nor police officers testified before the conclusion of the trial last week.

Same-sex conduct is criminalized in 36 African countries, including Senegal.

A well-known Senegalese journalist was sentenced in July to six months in prison for acts of homosexuality.