Self-professed 'cannibal' sentenced after biting off man's ear, calling it 'chewy'

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A man who stunned British police when he admitted to biting off a chunk of a man's ear because of his own cannibalistic ways is heading to prison, the BBC reported Monday.

Garth Anderton, 24, claimed that a stranger had been laughing at him early on New Year's morning in the town of Paignton -- so he attacked. Police said they found the victim's ear in one of the pockets of Anderton's track suit.

He told police he'd always been interested in cannibals and serial killers, even taking sips of his own blood.

Anderton described the ear as "chewy," adding, "Yum yum." He also claimed he zipped it up in his pocket to save for later.

Police said when they first encountered him, he gave a false name -- Richard Trenton, the name of the so-called "Vampire of Sacramento" who killed six people in the late-1970s.

The judge sentenced Anderton to six years behind bars.

Anderton had a history of mental illness, drank alcohol that evening and failed to take prescription medication before the attack, the BBC added.

Paignton is roughly 200 miles southwest of London.