Search in Hungary for tomb of Suleiman the Magnificent's heart uncovers Ottoman-era town

Hungarian scientists say they have found the remains of an Ottoman-era town in the area in southern Hungary where the heart of Suleiman the Magnificent is believed to have been buried in the 16th century.

The sultan died in Szigetvar in 1566 while his troops besieged its fortress, defended by locals led by Croatian-Hungarian nobleman Miklos Zrinyi. The siege was a pyrrhic victory for the Turks and delayed their advance toward Vienna for decades.

Historians believe Suleiman's heart and internal organs were buried in Szigetvar, and his body taken back to Constantinople, as Istanbul was then known. Norbert Pap, a member of the excavation team, said the discovery of the Ottoman town should offer clues that will help them narrow down their search for the tomb containing the sultan's heart.