A contestant in the 2011 Scrabble World Championship reportedly demanded his opponent be strip-searched after the disappearance of a tile.

Chollapat Itthi-Aree, a 25-year-old player from Thailand, demanded that officials search opponent Ed Martin after accusing the British IT consultant of taking a missing "G" tile, the Daily Mail reports.

Judges at the tournament in Warsaw, however, disagreed with Itthi-Aree and refused to search Martin, who won the game by a single point.

More than 100 contestants from 44 countries competed for the $20,000 top prize, which was won by New Zealand's Nigel Richards, who scored 96 points on a single play of "omnified," the Daily Mail reports. Richards, who also won the title in 2007, won the tournament's final match by a 476-334 score.

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