San Bernardino shootout: At least 14 dead at the hands of gunmen, several injured

Several fatalities were reported after one or more gunmen opened fire Wednesday at a Southern California social services center.

Police estimate that at least 14 people have been killed and more than a dozen wounded in the shooting in the San Bernardino facility.

Police Chief Jarrod Burguan said up to three shooters entered the building and opened fire at the Inland Regional Center, which provides social services to people with developmental disabilities.

Marcos Aguilera says his wife was inside the facility when gunfire erupted but she got out of the building unharmed.

He told KABC-TV that a shooter entered the building next to his wife's office and opened fire.

Aguilera says they locked themselves in her office and saw bodies on the floor. He says his wife saw ambulances taking people out of the building on stretchers.

Several law enforcement agencies converged on the scene at Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino and were searching for the suspects.

San Bernardino police Sgt. Vicki Cervantes told KCBS-TV that "there are multiple casualties and there are some confirmed fatalities." However, she didn't provide specific numbers.

She told the television station that it appears there was more than one shooter. She believes they were wearing "military-style" attire.

Some people were seen being wheeled away on gurneys after gunfire erupted at the Inland Regional Center. Others walked quickly from a building with their hands in the air and were searched by officers before being reunited with loved ones.

The president and CEO of the Southern California social services center where gunfire has erupted says the focus is on a building that houses at least 25 employees as well as a library and conference center.

Marybeth Feild of the Inland Regional Center says "the incident is in the conference area" that an outside group was renting Wednesday. She says she is not at the center, which serves people with developmental disabilities and does not know what outside group rented the center.

Feild says people served by the center also would have been in the building.

Police were working to secure the scene in the inland region about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, Sgt. Vicky Cervantes said. No arrests have been made.

Terry Petit said his daughter works at the center, and he got a text from her saying she was hiding in the building after hearing gunshots.

Petit choked back tears as he read the texts for reporters outside the center. He said she wrote: "People shot. In the office waiting for cops. Pray for us. I am locked in an office."

At a Shell gas station about a block from the shooting site, store manager Ana Fuentes said there was a flood of police activity in the area.

"There's maybe like 150 cops going toward Hospitality Lane," she said, as sirens echoed in the background.

She said she hadn't gotten any instructions to stay inside but that customers coming in told her about the shootings at Inland Regional Center.

With reporting by the Associated Press.

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