Russian prosecutors demand 9-year sentence for Bolshoi dancer suspected in acid attack

Russian news agencies say prosecutors have demanded nine years behind bars for the Bolshoi dancer suspected of masterminding an acid attack on the ballet's director.

Prosecutors requested that sentence on Friday for soloist Pavel Dmitrichenko. They also demanded 10 years for ex-convict Yuri Zarutsky, suspected of carrying out the attack, and six years for their driver, Andrei Lipatov. Verdict in the case have not yet been decided.

The Jan. 17 attack on Sergei Filin shone a spotlight on backstage bickering at the renowned theater. Much of the trial has focused on whether Filin, who lost most of the sight in one eye and 20 percent in the other, was responsible for the tension and intrigue.

The maximum prison sentence for the charge against Dmitrichenko and Zarutsky is 12 years.