Romanian military fighter jet crashes in field, pilot ejects

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Authorities say that a Romanian military fighter jet has crashed in a wheat field near the Black Sea port of Constanta. The pilot ejected from the plane.

A spokesman for the Mihail Kogalniceanu Airport told The Associated Press that the Russian-made MiG 21 Lancer crashed Monday morning shortly after takeoff during a training flight.

Adrian Jiga said the pilot ejected from the plane and is unconscious, saying there were no more details on his condition. He said firefighters were sent to extinguish the blaze and medical rescue workers were sent to the scene.

He said the plane's wreckage is located about eight kilometers (five miles) from the airport, near the village of Nazarcea.

Romania's air force has 35 MiG 21s, of which more than 20 are in active service.