Romania's president on Thursday criticized the way authorities handled the case of a brown bear that was shot by police after it wandered into a central city.

The bear entered Sibiu, a picturesque tourist city, on Wednesday and was shot by a police rifleman after an attempt with a tranquilizer dart failed. Video of the bear being shot that appeared on social media led to protests from Romanians who say the frightened creature was not a threat.

Local police chief Tiberiu Iulian Ivancea said police were investigating the use of the weapon and how the bear entered the city.

President Klaus Iohannis, meanwhile, accused 50 "untrained and disorganized officials" of mishandling the case and asked "wouldn't it be easier ... to have 2 or 3 trained people?"

"It is not a natural disaster if a bear walks into the city. But the emotion it creates is like the emotion created by a natural disaster," he said in comments broadcast live. "To avoid powerful and negative emotions, we need clear procedures."

Romania has between 5,000 and 6,000 bears in the country.