Romanian govt examining video of Romanian worker kidnapped by IS-linked group in Africa

Romania's Foreign Ministry says it is working to verify the authenticity of a video of a Romanian security worker pleading for help after being kidnapped by those with ties to the Islamic State group.

The man in the videotape identifies himself as Iulian Gherghut. He says the recording was made Aug. 18 and says he was kidnapped at Tambao, a mining site in Burkina Faso, by the al-Qaida-linked Al-Mourabitoun group. The Foreign Ministry on Sunday confirmed that the images were of Gherghut, who was kidnapped April 4 in the West African nation, and said it was urgently examining the video.

Speaking in French, Gherghut apparently urges the Romanian and Burkina Faso governments, his family and the head of the Pan African security company to negotiate for his freedom.