Romania: protests at 3 prisons over poor conditions

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Detainees in three Romanian prisons have protested against conditions, setting light to clothes and refusing food.

The protest began in the high-security prison of Iasi this week where prison authorities said inmates set light to a cell. The protest spread to two other prisons.

Media reported prisoners rattled bars, hit windows with bottles and some set light to clothes.

Gabriel Botezan, spokesman for Porta Alba high-security prison told The Associated Press some prisoners were refusing food Wednesday for a third day.

Some 200 relatives protested outside Bostosani prison in northeast Romania Tuesday evening. Prisoners shouted "Freedom!" and "We want justice!"

Prison warden Dan Brehuescu said there were no reports of injuries or damage to prison property.

The National Penitentiary Administration says there are 28,000 prisoners in Romania.