Revered Tibetan Buddhist monk cremated in Nepal; no reports of Tibetan protest

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Thousands of Tibetan exiles in Nepal have prayed for a revered Tibetan Buddhist monk during his cremation ceremony but have refrained from holding political rallies.

Fearing protests, Nepal had initially refused to let the remains of 62-year-old Rinpoche Shamar Rinpoche inside the country but later relented. The government was apparently worried about possible anti-Chinese protests by Tibetans living in Nepal.

Many of the monk's followers trooped to the Shar Minub monastery near Katmandu on Thursday for the cremation rites. The Tibetan exiles lined up to offer white and orange scarves and say prayers. Police kept close watch but did not interfere.

Rinpoche had preached at the Nepalese monastery for several years and wanted to be cremated there. He died of a heart attack in Germany last month.