After years of having Mexico’s drug cartels humiliating his country by flaunting their wealth and seeming immunity from prosecution, one Marine is hitting back at the drug trafficking organizations in a curious way.

Erick Morales Guevara – who has been dubbed “El Marino Loko,” “The Hammer” and “Señor Thor” by the Mexican media – has decided to humiliate the drug cartel members he captures.

Morales Guevara recently dressed up two alleged cartel hitmen in women’s lingerie and forced the men to kiss. After another raid, Señor Thor forced a suspected cartel member to hold a small metal mallet while he held the barrel of an assault rifle up to the man's head.

Images published on Breitbart purport to show a masked Morales Guevara posing next to a cartel member with a black eye, presumably earned during his capture, wearing lingerie. People admitted to the newssite that The Hammer’s tactics may not be the most orthodox – or even strictly speaking legal – but that Morales’ unit was behind a series of major arrests in the area around Ciudad Reynosa, across the Rio Grande from McAllen, Texas, and other Mexican cities.

And he appears to be getting under the skin of the country’s top drug capos.

During a raid of a property in Tampico owned by Gulf Cartel leader Silvestre “El Chive” Haro Rodríguez, Morales allegedly confiscated the ashes of the drug lord’s late father and defaced a photo of him as well.

That and a series of raids angered the Gulf Cartel so much that they put up banners claiming Morales Guevara, among other public officials, was on the cartel's payroll and suggesting he be removed from his post.

Morales Guevara was transferred to another region of the country, but Mexican officials told Breitbart that “he is currently ‘having fun’ in the Mexican state of Michoacán where he continues to capture and cross-dress his victims.”

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