Report doesn't exclude vote-buying in 2006 German WCup bid

A report by a law firm into the 2006 World Cup corruption allegations says there is no evidence of vote-buying on the part of German bidders. However, the report says vote-buying can't be ruled out.

The report says a payment of 6.7 million euros ($7.3 million) made by the German football federation to FIFA on April 27, 2005 was "falsely declared" by the World Cup organizing committee for an opening gala and that the money had been intended for former Adidas chief Robert Louis-Dreyfus.

The report, presented at a news conference on Friday, also reveals previously unknown money transfers between Franz Beckenbauer and a law firm in Switzerland. It says the money was then transferred to a company in Qatar, belonging to disgraced former FIFA official Mohamed Bin Hammam.

Bin Hammam has denied receiving the money, according to the report.