Rep. Kevin Yoder apologizes for skinny-dipping in the Sea of Galilee

Christians consider the Sea of Galilee to be a holy site, but now it's more like a hottie site. A GOP lawmaker went skinny-dipping in the sea during a trip to Israel last year, an investigation by POLITICO has found. The incident occurred after GOP staff and their families took a night out on the town together in Israel. Alcohol was involved.

At the end of the night, more than 20 people took part in a late-night swim. While some of the swimmers were fully clothed or half-dressed, Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-Kan.) got completely naked, POLITICO reported. The FBI later investigated the incident.

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Yoder has since publicly admitted that he dove into the sea "without a swimsuit."

"I feel incredibly remorseful that I have caused embarrassment to my constituents and I have caused folks who believe in me to be disappointed," Yoder told the The Kansas City Star. "Part of the reason I made that decision at that moment was there was really nobody in the vicinity who could see me," he added. His wife was on the trip but did not swim.

It's not clear what, exactly, the FBI was investigating in relation to the trip, the Star reported. Yoder said he was never interviewed by the FBI, nor were his staffers. An Israeli police spokesman told BBC News that swimming in the lake is allowed, but public nudity is not. The trip was sponsored by the American Israel Education Foundation, which is affiliated with a pro-Israel lobbying group. The trip cost the foundation more than $10,000 per-person, according to the BBC.