Remains of French family found in suspect's estate

French authorities say investigators searching a suspected murderer's estate have found human remains and jewelry belonging to the missing family of four whom he confessed to killing with a crowbar.

The prosecutor in the western city of Nantes said Wednesday Hubert Caouissin, the main suspect in the brutal killing of the Troadec couple and their two adult children, is cooperating with investigators searching his 74-acre property in Britanny, some 160 miles from the crime scene.

Earlier this week, Caouissin, the brother-in-law of the missing couple, confessed to killing the family of four with a crowbar and dismembering the corpses over an old inheritance dispute.

He told investigators he buried part of the bodies and burnt other parts.

Caouissin and his partner Lydie Troadec have been charged and jailed.