Raul Castro speech scolding Cubans for corruption, theft, loud music and swearing in public

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Cuban President Raul Castro has spent much of a prominent speech scolding his countrymen for all kinds of bad behavior, everything from theft and corruption to urinating in public and raising pigs in cities.

Speaking at one of parliament's twice-annual sessions, Castro railed against decaying morals and vanishing values like decency and decorum.

The Cuban leader complained about illicit activities that do the country harm, things like illegal logging and slaughter of livestock, and the acceptance of bribes.

He also fulminated against everyday examples of "social indiscipline": people shouting and swearing on the streets, drinking in public, dumping trash on the roadside and relieving themselves in parks.

Castro said Sunday that he has the "bitter sensation" that Cuba is "a society ever more educated, but not necessarily more enlightened."