Pug owner tells friends about lost dog, gets somebody else's dog

A man in Australia said his pug disappeared, only for an impugster to show up in its place.

Luke Neville posted on Facebook Sunday that his dog, named Bella, had vanished from his home in New South Wales.

"If anyone has seen Bella around Culburra beach please let me know," the post read. He included a picture.

Hours later, a surprising twist: Neville said somebody dropped off a pug, but it wasn't Bella. He said later that a friend spotted a "Found Dog" sign, learned that it was a pug, and figured it must have been Neville's.

"Win a pug lose a pug," he posted. He also named the new dog "Not-Bella."

The next day, Neville said an official alerted him that a pug had arrived at the local pound. Sure enough, it was the real Bella.

The dog and its owner reunited -- and Neville said he found Not-Bella's owner too.

Before he said goodbye, he got a photo, with Bella in one arm and Not-Bella in the other.