Protests over Israeli soldier who shot Palestinian attacker

Hundreds of protesters have rallied outside a court in support of a soldier filmed last week shooting dead a wounded Palestinian attacker in the West Bank, an incident that has proven divisive in Israel, where army service is mandatory.

Protesters, as well as some politicians on the right, criticized Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, who has said the soldier acted inappropriately.

Media reported that the court had extended the soldier's remand on Tuesday. The army declined to comment.

Israelis are split over the incident, which came amid six months of near-daily Palestinian attacks.

Many argue the young soldier fired because he suspected the Palestinian, who had stabbed a soldier before being shot and wounded, may have been reaching for an explosive device.

Others say the Palestinian, who was lying on the ground, was no longer a threat, and that the shooting breached army norms and damaged its image.