Protesters: Shooting was Racially-Motivated

Protesters have been out in front of Phoenix Police headquarters for five days, and they say they aren't going to stop until Officer Richard Chrisman is arrested again.

Yelling, "We want justice," protesters carried a casket and marched around Phoenix Police department. Last week, 29-year-old Danny Rodriguez was shot and killed by an officer on a domestic violence call.

Their anger is fueled by the fact that Officer Chrisman is out of jail on bond, charged with aggravated assault -- protesters want him charged with murder.

"What happened here is he went into a minority community and he killed a Latino," says Carlos Galindo.

Phoenix Police say there's absolutely no evidence or statements from witnesses to believe this shooting was racially-motivated.

"Do you think this is a Hispanic issue or just an officer who snapped?" we asked. "Once again it has to do with a rogue officer who didn't just snap, this officer has a continued pattern of mistreating individuals, people who are of low income people who are minorities," answered Galindo.

The shooting showcases a growing divide between the Hispanic community and law enforcers, and protesters say it's fueled by SB 1070 (Arizona's immigration measure).

Protesters are requesting to meet with County Attorney Rick Romley this week.

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