Protesters in Spain urge puppeteers' acquittal on charges

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Around 600 protesters have marched through the southern Spanish city of Granada calling for charges to be dropped against two puppeteers jailed for allegedly praising terrorism.

The puppeteers were detained without bail Feb. 6 for using a sign during a performance in Madrid saying "Long Live Alka ETA," a word-play reference to Spain's armed Basque group ETA and al-Qaida. A court released them Wednesday, but a judicial probe into their satirical show continues. Praising terrorism is a crime in Spain.

Protesters carried posters Saturday saying "Acquittal for the puppeteers and freedom of speech" and "Release puppeteers without charge." Another protest was held Wednesday in Madrid.

The puppet show, funded by Madrid, also showed the hanging of a judge in effigy and police beatings, prompting parents attending with children to complain.