Proposal to free jailed US vigilante becomes political issue in Mexico

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A proposal to free a female vigilante leader who holds dual U.S.-Mexico nationality has become a subject of heated debate in Mexico.

The case of Nestora Salgado has pitted her supporters against victims-rights activists.

Salgado returned from Washington state to her hometown of Olinala in southern Guerrero state to head a vigilante-style community police force.

She was arrested in August 2013, after people detained by vigilantes complained they had been kidnapped.

Guerrero governor's office suggested last week that charges against Salgado be dropped.

But anti-crime activist Isabel Miranda de Wallace said freeing her would be a violation of victims' rights, and said the governor's suggestion constituted improper political pressure.

One legislator pressing for Salgado's release said Tuesday it was a simple question of rectifying violations of Salgado's human rights.