The wife of a British sailor who went missing in Dubai said Friday she is "desperately worried" about her husband's safety and pleaded for help to track him down.

Leading seaman Timothy Andrew Maccoll, 27, from Gosport in southern England, serves in the Royal Navy aboard HMS Westminster.

The ship arrived in Dubai on May 26 and departed May 31, without Maccoll. The seaman has not been seen since he stepped into a taxi outside a Dubai bar at 2:00am local time Sunday.

He was alone when he got in the taxi, and was last reported seen by a shipmate.

"We are appealing to the people of Dubai and reaching out to the large expat community to help us find Timmy and raise awareness in that area," Maccoll's wife Rachael said Friday.

"We are desperately worried. Checks have been made with hospitals, prisons, police stations, medical stations and mortuaries and there is no record of him and no sightings so far," she added.

A Royal Navy spokesman confirmed Friday that Maccoll -- who is a father of two children aged six and four -- remained missing in Dubai.

The spokesman added that the navy was working with Britain's Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to track Maccoll down.