Poll: Peruvians want Humala to govern like Lula

A new poll finds far more Peruvians want President-elect Ollanta Humala to govern like the center-left ex-president of Brazil rather than leftist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The poll by the firm Ipsos-Apoyo says 61 percent of Peruvians prefer Humala model his government after ex-Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Only 11 percent said Humala's government should resemble that of Chavez, while 28 percent didn't specify.

The poll also found Peruvians identify corruption, public safety, drug trafficking and terrorism as the top concerns Humala should address.

Humala had allied himself with Chavez during his failed 2006 run for the presidency but portrayed himself as closer to Silva during his June 5 triumph at the polls.