Polish ruling party tweets, then deletes anti-refugee remark

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Poland's ruling party used Twitter to make another strong anti-refugee statement on Friday, but quickly deleted the Tweet, calling it "unfortunate."

"Do not let yourselves be persuaded that an aversion to refugees is something bad. Poles are not an exception in Europe," Law and Justice wrote. Included was a chart with the results of a Pew Research Center survey showing that a majority in nine European countries, including Poland, disapprove of the European Union's handling of the refugee issue.

The party quickly removed the Tweet, with Pawel Szefernaker, the secretary of state in the chancellery of Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, saying it was written in an "exceptionally unfortunate" manner.

"Such mistakes should not happen," he said.

It was replaced with a toned-down comment saying only that most Europeans don't agree with the EU's migration policies.

The comment comes after the European Commission this week launched proceedings against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic for refusing to accept any refugees as part of a legally binding EU resettlement plan.

Poland's government argues that accepting Muslim refugees now could allow radicalization to take root in the country and lead to a form of cultural suicide down the road.

Szydlo sparked controversy on Wednesday by seeming to defend the government's anti-migrant polices during an observance at Auschwitz, something critics denounced as highly inappropriate.

The minister of science and higher education, Jaroslaw Gowin, also defended the government's refusal to accept refugees by saying Wednesday that every nation has the right to protect itself from "extermination."