Poles upset by corruption allegations against freedom hero

Former Polish president and Solidarity founder Lech Walesa says he does not believe corruption allegations that prosecutors have made against another legendary activist of the 1980s freedom movement.

In a case that has shocked the nation, prosecutors are seeking the arrest of Jozef Pinior, former senator and European Parliament lawmaker.

Prosecutor Piotr Baczynski said Thursday it was a "very difficult decision" for him because he considers Pinior a national hero, but insisted he had sufficient evidence that Pinior accepted some 46,000 zlotys ($11,000) in bribes. Pinior denies this.

In a daring 1981 action, Pinior saved the Solidarity movement's 80 million zlotys ($19 million) from being seized by communist authorities, shortly before martial law.

Critics of the current government say its anti-corruption policy mainly targets political opponents.