Poles to vote for president in May, close to disputed WWII anniversary observances

Poland will hold presidential elections on May 10, around the time of planned World War II remembrance observances that have aggravated a historic dispute between Poland and Russia.

The campaign is also expected to raise emotions, because Poland's first ever trans-gender candidate, Anna Grodzka, and a former TV presenter with little political experience, Magdalena Ogorek, will be running for a five-year term against incumbent Bronislaw Komorowski, who leads opinion polls.

Ogorek's candidacy has set off a political firestorm, with many observers saying she was chosen by a left-wing party only because of her good looks, while her last name can be a hindrance because it means "cucumber."

Parliamentary Speaker Radoslaw Sikorski announced the election date Wednesday, dismissing concerns that it's so close to disputed World War II remembrance ceremonies.