Poland's Prime Minister Beata Szydlo is in stable condition and can carry out her government duties as "nothing serious happened to her" when her limousine was involved in a car crash, her spokesman said Saturday.

However, Rafal Bochenek said Szydlo, 53, was undergoing tests, including X-rays, and will remain "for some time" in a government hospital in Warsaw, where she was brought on her own request. He could not immediately confirm whether she will attend the weekly government meeting on Tuesday.

Dr. Andrzej Jakubowski, who first examined Szydlo after the crash Friday night, said she suffered some slight injuries but that the prognosis was good.

The accident occurred shortly before 7 p.m. Friday in the southern town of Oswiecim, Szydlo's hometown. She was in a convoy on the town's main road when another car drove into her limousine, causing it to hit a tree.

Two security officers in Szydlo's car, including the driver, were also hospitalized. One was also brought to Warsaw.