Peru's Fujimori spared prosecution for 1990s sterilization program

Peruvian prosecutors have decided not to file criminal charges against former President Alberto Fujimori or any of his ministers over a 1990s sterilization program that hundreds of women complained was coercive.

Prosecutors said in a statement Friday that the inquiry against Fujimori and more than 20 other former high-ranking officials in the case had been shelved.

More than 2,000 women have formally complained of being forcibly sterilized under the program.

Fujimori is now in prison for corruption and authorizing death squads. He claims the sterilizations were voluntary. But women say they were deceived, threatened and bribed to meet quotas.

At the urging of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, prosecutors in 2011 re-opened a criminal investigation into the program, which sterilized more than 300,000 women, mostly poor, illiterate Indians.