Palermo prosecutor says imprisoned Mafia boss might still run Cosa Nostra

A Palermo prosecutor who was allegedly threatened with assassination by the Mafia boss who ran the Sicilian Cosa Nostra says the mobster might still be calling the shots from prison.

Anti-Mafia prosecutor Nino Di Matteo told Italy's Sky TG24 in an interview broadcast Wednesday that both turncoats and mobsters' intercepted conversations indicated Salvatore Riina "perhaps still is the real boss of Cosa Nostra." Long a fugitive, Riina was captured in 1993, convicted of murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.

According to court documents, Riina recently told another mobster during an intercepted conversation in a prison exercise yard that Di Matteo must be assassinated as the Mafia has done to other prosecutors.

Di Matteo warned against underestimating the mobster's words.