Palermo prosecutor: Angry about tough jail rules, Cosa Nostra considered plot to kill minister

Palermo's chief prosecutor says a crime clan based in Cosa Nostra's Corleone stronghold discussed assassinating the interior minister because they blame him for exceptionally tough prison conditions.

Prosecutor Francesco Lo Voi told reporters in Sicily Friday that six suspected mobsters were arrested earlier in the day related to the alleged plot to kill Interior Minister Angelino Alfano.

Lo Voi said the suspects, overheard in intercepted phone conversations, discussed the "possibility of carrying out an attack" against Alfano. Lo Voi says the suspects indicated they were mulling an attack should Alfano's security protection be removed.

The prosecutor said that there was no likelihood Alfano's security would be dropped.

Imprisoned Mafia bosses are largely isolated, with limited occasions to receive family or other visitors.