Pakistani military raid kills Baluch separatist commander

Pakistan's military says security forces have killed a Baluch separatist commander involved in this week's slaying of 15 men in southwestern Baluchistan province as they were trying to cross into Iran on their way to Europe.

The military says the raid was carried out not far away from where the 15 were killed on Wednesday in the Turbat district. The victims all hailed from the populous Punjab province.

The slain commander was identified as Younas Taukali of the separatist Baluchistan Liberation Front.

Taukali's group claimed responsibility for Wednesday's assault, claiming the slain men were working on a road project for Pakistan army.

For years, separatist groups have waged a low-level insurgency in Baluchistan, demanding a fairer share of the province's resources, but Islamic militant groups have also been active there.