Pakistani court asks Islamist to end rally near Islamabad

A Pakistani court has asked organizers of an Islamist rally near the capital to end their days-long protest that has disrupted life in Islamabad.

The protesters have been seeking the removal of the country's law minister over a recently omitted reference to the Prophet Muhammad in a constitutional bill.

The Islamabad High Court on Thursday asked the small Tehreek-i-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah party to end the rally, which at times swelled to about 3,000 protesters.

There was no immediate response to the court's request.

The law minister, Zahid Hamid, has apologized for the omission of the phrase how Muhammad is the last prophet in Islam, saying it was a clerical mistake that was later corrected.

The Islamists nevertheless pressed ahead with the rally at the main Faizabad crossing outside Islamabad.