Pakistan toxic liquor 'kills 12'

Toxic liquor has killed at least 12 people in central Pakistan, police and health officials said Wednesday.

The deaths occurred near the farming town of Rahim Yar Khan, where the men were drinking locally made liquor at a party.

Eight of them died on Monday while four more succumbed on Tuesday.

"At least 12 people have died after drinking toxic liquor," local police station chief Mohammad Yasin Gujjar told AFP.

Most of the deaths occurred because relatives did not take the victims to hospital immediately, to avoid getting in trouble with police.

When their conditions deteriorated and they were taken to hospital, it was too late to save them.

Hospital officials confirmed the death toll.

Gujjar said that police had raided several illegal liquor factories and arrested two suspects for supplying the deadly drinks.

The public sale of alcohol is banned in Islamic Pakistan and many people prepare cheap liquor at home.

In July at least 18 people died and 18 others suffered serious complications after drinking toxic liquor at two parties in the eastern city of Faisalabad.